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Benton House Tour of Homes~Our Annual Fundraiser

Irvingtons’ Benton House Tour of Homes is a main fundraising activity for the House. Proceeds from past tours have helped to provide a new permanent sign in the front yard, a new slate roof, gutters and downspouts, fifty new folding chairs, a much needed trim and removal of dead trees on the grounds and foundation repairs.

A big thank you to everyone who showed their support for this year’s Benton House Tour of Homes! We could not have done it without the support of the community. A big thanks to all our sponsors, homeowners, participants and volunteers. This is a labor of love for all involved and we really appreciate being a part of such a caring community! We are always open to hearing any feedback or suggestions you might have about your experience.

The 43rd Annual Benton House Tour of Homes

It was a beautiful day in Irvington ~ Thank you to all who
attended the tour. We appreciate your support! 

We are very grateful to the following Home Tour Sponsors
Please click on the businesses below to go to their website.

Black Acre Brewery ~ 5632 E. Washington St.
KEMBA Credit Union ~ 444 S. Shortridge Rd.
Ace Hardware ~ 1025 N. Arlington Ave.
Adam Hampton Designs ~ 202 S. Audubon Rd.
Lowell Avenue Vintage Antiques
Mundell & Associates ~ 110 S. Downey Avenue
Oakley – Hammond Funeral Home ~ 5342 E. Washington St.
Snips ~ 5731 E. Washington St.
George Thomas Flowers~ 5609 E. Washington St.
Black Sheep Gifts ~ 5626 E. Washington St.
Bookmama’s ~ 9 Johnson Ave.
The Legend Cafe ~ 5614 E. Washington St.
The Weekly View

Edward Jones: Ryan Thomas, 5620 E. Washington St.
Geneva Hair Salon, 5541 E. Washington St.


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Volunteer Opportunities include:

    • Home Selection
    • Publicity
    • Sponsorship
    • Signage
    • Brochures
    • Flowers
    • Docents